Settings and Parameters for anal-, rectal- and pelvic floor 3D Ultrasound

video tutorials for 3D Ultrasound performed directly on the scanner

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If you want to perform anorectal and pelvic floor ultrasound, but do not know the device settings that are necessary for this, then you are exactly right with us! 

Here you can learn exactly these parameters with several short tutorial videos until you master them perfectly. We present you step-by-step instructions for the quick and effective examination. The advantage here is that you can only opt for one particular item, such as for example transperineal 3D sonography, or the device settings. Just as you want!

In addition, these videos are exactly suitable for your particular ultrasound device. You don´t have to be tormented by complicated and confusing user manuals. The tutorial videos cover the respective areas that are important in daily practice (anal canal, rectum, etc.) 

You will learn important tips and tricks that will enable you to carry out meaningful diagnostics without any help. You can choose between the individual topics or explicitly select the video that is interesting for you.

You can watch these videos as often as you like and gradually deepen your knowledge. With numerous visual aids and illustrations, you will learn these skills very quickly and sustainably. By repeatedly looking at that material, you develop a routine that you can apply immediately in your daily practice. This concept is based on the realization that an image can describe more than 1000 words. Here you can even get both!

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So if you don't want to work through difficult, dry and boring instructions anymore, then you should start looking at this collected material right now. It is in your hand not to stay discouraged by operating errors, artifacts and device problems that may occur during the scan.

Simply start with the video of your choice, or choose a video series to cover all areas of your interest. This quickly makes you independent and secure. The significance of your diagnostics, expertise undergoes decisive progress. Your professional competence increases noticeably. You finally can decide and judge things for yourself. Your patients will thank you, your workflow will improve, and you can use your energy for other challenges. We cordially invite you to accept this offer. You decide we help !


These videos include instructions for the sonography of the anal canal, rectum, transparinenal pelvic floor sonography, transvaginal sonography, data storage, water standoff systems for rectal examination as well as basic device settings for the respective ultrasound device.

And that's how it works !

You choose your device, choose your language, video, and subscribe. Then, after paying the fee, you will receive your personal password with which you can then watch the videos. Our videos can be viewed on three different devices. 

This way you learn to enter your own rhythm without time pressure, regardless of others. This guarantees a fast and lasting learning success. You can use these newly acquired skills immediately in your clinical everyday life and thus continuously increase your professional competence.


3D ultrasound with its wide range of applications is increasingly available in the daily coloproctological diagnostics. It can be used in the assessment of the anal canal, and in pelvic floor diagnosis as well. The 3D technique visualizes the anatomy excellently and gives you additional diagnostic security. This opens up a wide range of applications in the diagnosis of typical proctological diseases such as  fistulas, periproctitic abscesses, fissures and others. 

In addition, you can use the 3D sonography to assess the entire pelvic floor. Numerous pelvic floor competence centres already have identified the wide application range and use this technology in daily procedures.

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the advantages of this smart learning system

The advantages of these examination methods are obvious: fast, comparatively easy learning and feasibility, as well as any repeatability. In addition, it is a dynamic investigation that not only represents the front or rear compartment individually, but also makes all compartments visible in their interaction. That allows statements of previously unimagined accuracy.


The pathological changes are visible and explainable directly on the device, during the examination (also for patients). For the patient, these examinations are painless and not very stressful. For the investigator, it is possible to achieve very meaningful results after a short learning curve.


You can diagnose enterocele, cystocele, urethrocele, pelvic floor insufficiency, descensus, and various prolapse syndromes (vaginal prolapse, uterine prolapse) and others. The classification of these pathologies (according to POP-Q, Pelvic Organ Prolaps Quantification) becomes more precise. In addition, there is the best possibility of an objective assessment of the postoperative results (for example according to the installation of TVT -tension free vaginal tape), which contributes to the verification of one's own surgical performance. This ultimately contributes to the improvement or, if necessary, modification of one's own procedures.

In order to participate on all these advantages, you should know the settings of your ultrasound scanner – and this is where our learning videos come into play! 

You can now start and take the first step towards a completely new, modern diagnostics!

Have we convinced you? 

Just start with the video of your choice! 

Enjoy us!





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